Tapely is shutting down

A farewell message from the Tapely team

Three years ago we started Tapely with a goal to create an appropriate medium for experiencing music online. Our platform combined music with visuals to properly encourage curation and personal choices, essentially turning indifferent playlists to beautifully crafted mixtapes.

Since then, we've achieved some great milestones:

While proud of what our small team has accomplished in a short period of time, we realized that we haven't been able to reach the escape velocity necessary to be a large, relevant service in the (very tough) music industry. The decision to shut down was difficult but is inevitable for a small startup like us.

We'd like to sincerely thank all our users, partners and friends for being part of this journey. Your support and incredible feedback kept us going all these years. To learn more or contact us with questions, please email alex [at] tape [dot] ly.

So long mixtapers, it has been a wild ride.

With Gratitude,
Alex, Tapely founder